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Dakar, Senegal

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Hello and greetings to you. My name is Ogaga onowighose , though i have so many names you can never deny , my names are Satan , Lucifer , belzeebub , Devil, Abaddon, Baal,Dantanian,Forcas and many other names about me you may have not heard...I'm a sinner , an occultist a satanist and a free-thinker


  1. The illuminati
  2. Illuminati-666
  3. Illuminati Films
  4. Illuminati Life
  5. Projeto Illuminati
  6. Craig Whipps
  7. The Crew of Praetorian Prefect
  8. Taylor Film

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  1. I would want to say thanks you very much first before any other thing honestly i believe this video would be so much informative for my future work...greetings!
  2. Great video....thanks for sharing
  3. Hahahaha this is very funny video but Satan would always kick the ass of Jesus.....Hail the one on red!