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We accurately research and identify press articles published in the British newspapers between 1750 and 1950. Small stories, big stories, some hidden away since the event all those years ago. Some revealing, a few shocking but all fascinating for the family historian or researcher. Old British News is not a flashy costly commercial website. It isn’t a business – it’s a hobby. We concentrate on searching the news and getting an accurate result – not trying to sell you coffee mugs, picture frames and tea-towels!

Old British News was invented by history enthusiast Ian Waugh who now operates it with co-researcher, Robert Venour. Between us we search for your news stories voluntarily because we believe history should be open and available to everybody. It’s our pastime and passion. We do the research because we really enjoy it – simple as that. And we like to think we provide an accurate yet personal ‘human’ touch as well.

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