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Old Mole Eyes will occasionally emerge (often after huge intervals) to point a claw at things you might like.

Any accusations of arson, sexual deviance, insider trading, tax avoidance or badger bating levelled at novelty pop musicians are clearly the ravings of a mad man and should be given no credence whatsoever.


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  1. We’ve got a bleeder! Bathroom mishaps to the awesome noise of His Clancyness http://oldmoleeyes.tumblr.com/post/60391323914/weve-got-a-bleeder-bathroom-mishaps-to-the-awesome
  2. Bill, put the holiday snaps away & play another tune. Ta. http://ow.ly/jptIk Sorry to @mergerecords @weownthistown & esp @williamtylertn
  3. Old Mole Eyes shamelessly uses Angel Olsen's ace LP as a vehicle for a rant re: budget airlines ow.ly/j34S5 Apologies to Bathetic Records & Randy Sterling Hunter. Soz.