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The first Directed by Women worldwide film viewing party was so much fun, we're doing it again... September 1 - 30, 2016. In fact you're invited to help make it happen.... Let's get started. Let's get the entire planet screening films (and TV, web series, etc) created by women... and help the world fall madly in love with women filmmakers and their work. Visit directedbywomen.com to explore our growing list of women who have directed film, our GLOBAL Community Calendar, #VideoOfTheDay, and more...

A little bit more about me...

There's no such thing as a MUST SEE film, but every day I MUST SEE film & expand/deepen my film creation & appreciation capacities...

I engage the art of SEEING through the power of motion pictures as a means of inviting myself and others into deep alignment with authenticity. I share what’s unfolding in my film loving life. It enlivens and enriches me. I am here to share what I am experiencing… and I am here to be a skilled ally for those who wish to engage film loving and film making from an authentic place in their being.

I do outreach for Indiana University Cinema: cinema.indiana.edu/

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