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Ole Ukena works in the fields of installation, video, photography, drawing and documentary film that he interweaves in multifaceted, new ways.Ukena often uses materials or ideas associated with childhood memories. He casts these in a new light in order to address questions related to the adult world, as well as to the world of art.The childlike aspect of his works, and the innocent questioning of adulthood values, serve as a lighthearted ‘door opener’ to a deeper layer of interpretation.With the wink of an eye, the juvenile meets the spiritually refined, playful insouciance confronts life’s seriousness, while youthful enthusiasm takes on ‘mature’ detachment.At times poetically narrative, while at other moments more formally reduced, what binds Ukena’s work together is one common element: the contiguous dialogue between challenging, artistic practice and the childlike questioning of the ‘isness’ of our world. He is also the founder of the Nonprofit organisation CRE8 Foundation that creates collaborative artworks with kids around the globe.

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