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I’ve trained in various fields of art and design, including drama, dance, performance, and fine art, I also set up and ran my own cafe and various nightclub promotions for several years, and more recently I've designed multiple interior design projects. In 2004 shortly after meeting my now husband Marc Massive I joined his band Massive Ego, initially as a synth player during live performances, however in 2015 following a new band line up I began to play percussion - drawing on my experience playing drums during the early 90‘s whilst training in contemporary dance. In 2012 Marc and I became vegan's and began campaigning for animal rights once again, in the same way that I had during my teenage years whilst I was vegetarian. In 2013 Marc and I studied on various printmaking, textiles and graphic design courses so that we could collaborate together in designing and making items for our printmaking operation that we also run. I’m a keen gardener, and I enjoy up-cycling old furniture, creating mosaics and expanding my visual interests. And although I fundamentally consider myself a visual artist, my practise in all fields of art, design and music means that each field benefits from my experience in the other disciplines.

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