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  1. Visual ArtBeat Magazine Group

    by Visual Artbeat Magazine joined

    579 Videos / 246 Members

    The Grup is created to share new ideas and new creations of experimental video artists.

  2. experimental and unusual

    by Neil Cross joined

    20.3K Videos / 4,935 Members

  3. Experimental Video Art

    by Adrian Salinas joined

    31.5K Videos / 8,622 Members

    The best Experimental Video Art Vimeo has to offer. El mejor Video Arte Experimental que vimeo puede ofrecer.

  4. German Art House

    by Uwe Lansing joined

    677 Videos / 804 Members

    A cinema for good videos, short films and documentaries. Well done music videos, trailers and artistic commercials are also welcome here. Please do only add clips which have a relation to Germany.…

  5. Laminate CDA

    by LAMINATEmedia joined

    186 Videos / 319 Members

    LAMINATE is a multi-platform project showcasing the best of Art Design and Culture. Combining a bi-annual magazine, with a video driven website and an innovative exhibition series, Laminate is a…


    by The Iron Curtain Media Group joined

    10.2K Videos / 2,679 Members

    A place for those who create and love music videos to watch, laugh, love and discuss.

  7. good music video combinations

    by Brett Mullinix joined

    1,985 Videos / 494 Members

    Where music and video work really well together, no fighting.

  8. Cool Music Videos

    by Fly on the Wall joined

    39.3K Videos / 10.3K Members

    Add your cool music video to this group, so far the videos on this group are all from South Africa - would be rad to make it global!

  9. Cinematography

    by Antonio Galloro joined

    15.4K Videos / 5,138 Members

    Cinematography is one of the most captivating forms of expression in the world. A craft that requires a broad knowledge of all the arts - music, poetry, literature, sculpture and painting, as well…

  10. Music Videos - all genres

    by turbomission joined

    51.9K Videos / 13.7K Members

    One of the oldest and largest groups on Vimeo! This is the best place to view and share all kinds of music videos. And if you're an artist wanting to get some exposure, this is the place to start.

  11. Short Films

    by Systematic Media/Skim Invasion joined

    37.5K Videos / 15K Members

    post your short films. Be creative and be different. make your short film stick out from the rest. Bring your short film masterpieces to be honored here.

  12. Short Films

    by Procine joined

    74.6K Videos / 36.2K Members

    To add your films to the channel, do the following: Go to YOUR video page and under the video frame you´ll see the icon ¨+ ADD TO¨. Click it. You´ll see the options to add your…

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