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Academy Award-winning writer and director, Oliver Stone has become an iconic and often controversial figure in popular culture and in Hollywood. Born September 15, 1946 in New York, N.Y. Stone briefly attended Yale University before dropping out, and going to Vietnam as a teacher. He then returned to Yale a second time and dropped out again, and volunteered for the draft and returned to Vietnam as a soldier. After the war, he then studied film-making at New York University, and made his directorial debut with “Seizure” (1974). He wrote screenplays for several films marked by their rapid pace and violence, including “Midnight Express” (1978), “Scarface” (1983), and “Salvador” (1986; also directed). He wrote and directed “Platoon” (1986, Academy Award), drawing on his Vietnam experience; it was followed by movies such as “Wall Street” (1987), “Born on the Fourth of July” (1989, Academy Award), “The Doors” (1991), “JFK” (1991), “Natural Born Killers” (1994), “Nixon” (1995), “Any Given Sunday” (1999), and “W.” (2008), some of them noted for their anti-establishment and often controversial interpretations of history.

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