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The idea to catch a very special moment, to hold it and to reflect it in lots of different ways was always in my mind. The beginning of my passion was photography. After years of self-testing and development I’m actually at a point where I want to share my perceptions with others professionally. Using visual stuff as creative resources for advertising is one of the major aspects of my work. Nevertheless, photography is just a part of my work.

Inspired by people from the film industry and leading fashion designers I would say that I “live” every sequence, every picture or impression. I can’t describe how to put feelings, emotion in a movie or how to present a sequence in a perfect way. I just can tell you that you have to perceive and to feel it. Actually I’m standing here at the beginning of my complete works. My feeling, experience and my unstoppable motivation plus the unlimited inspiration through other people and their work push me forward, day by day, to create something new based on my passion. It’s passion… “There are so many ideas, situations and feelings which are worth to keep hold of for eternity.” “Through my producing I feel me expressed in a way, which inspires my thinking and which shows me new possibilities to image those things.” “Pictures and videos are an instrument for these things. They reflect my thoughts and my passion for exactly those.” “it´s my passion”



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