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Omar Kamel has released three retail albums (Shabaka, SunDance, & MoonRise) and two online collections - the freely downloadable electronic album titled "A Fish Called Valis" and "SeptiC", an album of English Rock/Pop/Alternative tracks.

Omar is now preparing to release an album of Arabic songs, titled 'Mamnou3 El Initizar'. The tracklist so far includes the tracks 'Shafshaq', 'El Wa7sh El Motamadin', 'Be3eed', 'Ghali', 'Tadrib', and a few other surprises :)

Designed to serve as an enema to the somewhat stagnant Arabic music scene, Mamnou3 El Intizar heralds a new generation of Arabic music.

Yeah, he knows. Big Words.

This is not production-line music, let's be very clear about that...Lyrics were not passed on from a jaded writer to a commercial composer who then passed it off to a slick arranger and a star vocalist.

The songs in Mamnou3 El Intizar are, for better or worse, sung and composed by the same guy who wrote them.

The music style is a mix of modern rock and Arabic instrumentals, and the lyrics are free flowing rhythmic verse, sometimes sung, sometimes not - with themes otherwise neglected in much of the popular Egyptian music.

Besides his work in music, Omar writes media and political commentaries, is producing an Egyptian comic book for children, is the founder of Egypt Art Link and has worked as a writer, producer, and director on public awareness campaigns for the environment and education.

He can be reached through Eka3 or through his website at

His blog can be found at

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