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Originally graduating from The American University in Cairo with a BA in Psychology, Omar pursued work in media and arts. After Having worked in editing and post-production for Arab Radio & Television in Italy, Omar came back to Egypt with an eye to producing socially responsible popular media.

Initially, and with a couple of like-minded friends, he created Kayan, a pretty cool company with a pretty cool logo, but that quickly dissolved when all of the founding partners decided to go their/our own separate ways.

Independently, and through his work with Kayan – Omar has worked with the Al Mansour Holding Company, The Ford Foundation, The Egyptian Ministry of Health, The Egyptian Red Cross, Oxfam, E.S.M.A., and various others.

Omar’s portfolio includes television spots, awareness videos, cultural documentaries, three commercial audio cd releases, his music has been used on Orbit Television and El Beit Beitak as well as the various adverts and films for which he’s composed soundtracks.

Omar remains a reluctant optimist.

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