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This is a generic account to allow all OMF users to 'download' OMF videos from Vimeo straight to their PC's and Macs without becoming Vimeo members.

Once a video file has been downloaded to your PC/Mac you can play it directly on (or from) your machine. You do not need to visit Vimeo again for the same video.

If you do not use this OMF Guest Account but still wish to download OMF videos from Vimeo, you must set up (for free) your own Vimeo account.

IMPORTANT - Please be aware that anyone can watch an OMF video 'online' via their web browser, however only Vimeo account holders can 'download' them. This means you can send a Vimeo video link to a friend or supporter for them to watch 'online'. They do not need to use this OMF Guest account or become members for watching online.

Please do not us this account to upload your own videos or for any other purpose.

Thank you.

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