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  • omgaruda - A blog featuring interesting psychedelic art, culture and technology. Founder @omgaruda
  • soundcloud - Mixing havin great times play & share in Harmonik Fusion from paralel universe, wide range diverse Psychedelics Vision, Mantra, Etnique, Tribal, Gamelan, Cosm Groove, Ambient, Chillout, DownTempo, Progressive, Trance Intelligent Labs/Nature sounds
  • mixcloud - DJ/Producer whoishappy to plays/shares in Harmonik Fusion from Paralel Universe, WideRangeDiverse PsychedelicSpiritual Visions, Mantra, Etnique, Tribal, Gamelan, Cosmic Waves & Grooves, Ambient/Trance, Chillout, DownTempo
  • facebook - Walking the Luminous Planets & Stars,Tuning into Galactic Psychedelic Harmony through diverse altitude, terrain, layers, fragrances, colors of frequencies, rhythm, melody animation and vision beyond imagination
  • twitter - #Organic MindXpanda on432~528Hz #Psychedelic #Orangutan #Skywalker #Firedance #Mantra #Ambient #Chillout Twisted #Downtempo #Psytrance


  1. Trebol Animation
  2. Marc Coppola
  3. URB-E
  4. Sé Origen
  5. NOli GANDA
  6. Sustainable Human
  7. AlluvioneMediatica
  8. Linda Larouge
  9. Aqua Sapiens
  10. Videosapien
  11. david vigh
  12. Fred Teunissen
  13. William Subjack
  14. James Hardwick
  15. Dharmayoga escuela de yoga
  16. Cinemaui Studio
  17. Cundra Setiabudhi
  18. VJ GOABOB /Triphackers/

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