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OMNIBUS = (Lat.) for all, by all, with all

The OMNIBUS FOR DIRECT DEMOCRACY IN GERMANY is a self-governing cultural enterprise. It is registered as a “non-profit limited liability company” in the commercial register of the city of Düsseldorf. Responsibility is shared by Brigitte Krenkers, Werner Küppers, Michael von der Lohe, Johannes Stüttgen, Kurt Wilhelmi and their respective staff members.

We are a citizens’ action committee and are not affiliated with any political party. We have neither a lobby nor a target audience. Our work does not fit into the classical right/left dichotomy but is geared towards anyone and everyone who shares our long-term goal of laying the foundations for genuine democracy. In the process, we are learning to understand and use our vote as a creative instrument so that we can live up to our collective responsibility for the form our society takes.

Direct democracy means the possibility of direct legislation by the people through referendums preceded by free public information campaigns. Without this instrument, democracy is imperfect. Free people must be able to decide for themselves about the issues affecting their communities. Referendums make it possible for people from all walks of life and fields of endeavour to have their proposals enter the public debate and the political decision-making process.

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