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The Center For Health Design
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Fable 2.0: The Compelling Business Case for Building Better Buildings $90.00
Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being $90.00
Leading Communities to a Healthier Future $90.00
Examining the Effects of Positive Distractions in Pediatric Environments: An Experimental Study $90.00
A Culture of Inquiry Drives the 50-Year Odyssey of an Iconic Father-Daughter Team $90.00
Community Health Center Design: Perspectives, Strategies and Recommendations $90.00
New Directions: 2014 Guidelines for Residential Care Facilities $90.00
The Case for Access to Nature $90.00
The Application of Color in Healthcare Settings $90.00
Post Occupancy Tools for Community Health Centers $90.00
Taking the Pulse of Ambulatory Care Environments $90.00
Implementing LEAN Strategy and the Eight Steps of Evidence-Based Design at Central Washington Hospital $90.00
Healthcare 2020 $90.00
Health Design Myths and Legends Systems Engineering $90.00
Creating and Using an Evidence-based Design Glossary $90.00
Mitigate Falls Risk in Hospitals $90.00
Try It Before You Buy It - The Role of Simulation and Modeling in Evidence-Based Healthcare Design $90.00
The Evolution of Lighting $90.00
Patient Room Interior Design Checklist & Evaluation $90.00
Patient Safety Considering Risk in the Built Environment $90.00
New Rules for 21st Century Healthcare $90.00
The Design Impact of the New Bed Tower on Patients and Staff at Central Washington Hospital $90.00
Infection Prevention During Design & Construction of Health Care Facilities $90.00
Designing the Evidence-Based Hospital $90.00
Curing the Noise Epidemic: How Loud is Your Design? $90.00
Use of LEAN in Emergency Department Planning and Design $90.00
Planning for the Evolution of Hospital Observation Units $90.00
Designing a New Ambulatory Care Model: A Case Study look at Ambulatory Design Trends featuring UW Health – Yahara Clinic $90.00
The Wicked Problem of Waiting Rooms: It’s About People, not Process. $90.00
Color for Healthcare Spaces--Using Science and Research to Select Surfaces, Lights and Patterns $90.00
Beyond the Building $90.00
Evidence-Based Practice: Application and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Art Program $90.00
The Link Between Patient Satisfaction & Facility Design $90.00
The Future of Primary Care in the First LEED Platinum Community Health Center $90.00
Life Indoors—The Design of the Built Environment’s Impact on Health and Wellbeing $90.00
EDAC - Beyond the Evidence $90.00
The Drive for Healthier Buildings $90.00
Healthy Soundscapes: Bridging the Gaps between Engineering, Architecture and Medicine $90.00
Playgrounds to patient rooms: Flooring and patient safety $90.00
Tools You Can Use: Tracking Safety and Mitigating Risk in Healthcare through Facility Design $90.00
Applying Neuroscience to Healthcare Lighting Design: Opportunities and Cautions $90.00
Applied Research in Focus: Insight from a Pre/Post Occupancy Evaluation $90.00
The Nature of Healthcare Transformation in North America $90.00
The “Why” of Long Term Care $90.00
Healthcare Design In Support of the Military Health System’s Transformation to a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of $90.00
Patient perceptions of hospital cleanliness: more than just a “nice to have” $90.00
Design Research and Behavioral Health Facilities $90.00
Healthcare Reform and Quality Care Improvement: Opportunities for Designers and Facility Managers $90.00
Designing the Future of Integrated Behavioral Health $90.00
Harmony: Applying EBD Principles to Healthcare Interior Renovation Projectzs $90.00
Critical Care Trends and Facilities $90.00
Can't Build New? Increasing Value by Using EBD in Renovations and Existing Settings $90.00
Managing Hospital Construction Projects: Risks from One Chief Executive Officer's Perspective $90.00
Designing a New Ambulatory Care Model: A Case Study look at Ambulatory Design Trends featuring UW Health – Yahara Clinic $90.00
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