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Hot Version Vol.127 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version Vol.127 with English Subtitles

This video was made possible by our awesome Hot Version Kickstarter Backers!

·Tsukuba Attack 2014 GT-R Nismo:
·Mine’s and HKS GT-R: Where they are heading?
Mine's GT-R Super Response Spec, HKS GT1000 GT-R 1000HP
·Rotary Fighters Special: The FEED FD3S conquered the touge, but will it be able to maintain its crown on the track as well?
FEED Touge Monster FD3S, FEED FD3S NA version, FEED Rotary Roadster, LEG Motorsports RX-8, Auto Craft Kyoto FD3S, RE Wing FD3S, FEED FD3S GunMeta Version.
·Tuner Battles Fit vs.Swift: In a stock car battle, the Fit RS took down the Suzuki Swift Sport. We take both tuner cars to the track to see which compact rules!
Spoon FIT, Seeker FIT, J's Racing FIT, Corrman FIT, Monster SWIFT, TK Square SWIFT, Tri Force SWIFT
·Hot Version News: Hattori Naoki competes at the 25H of Thunderhill in the US & Tsukuba AE86 Fest Report

$3.99 $19.95
Hot Version 116 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version 116 with English Subtitles

Entry cars:
Touge Machines:
1.Spoon Civic FN2 250HP
2. Seeker Civic FD2 280HP
3. Arvou S2000 350HP
4. C-ser Impreza 480HP
5. MCR R35 GT-R 650HP
Circuit Machines
1. Garage 4413 Z33 350HP
2. Amuse 370Z 380HP
3. Top Secret GT-R 1000HP
Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, Nobuteru Taniguchi, Seiji Ara, Kazuyoshi Okamura, Shinichi Kobayashi, Yusaku Shibata, Ryo Teraoka.
We check to see how the Toyota 86 improves in performance as we tune up the car from stock to high grip tires, suspension upgrades, exhaust and weight reduction.
Does the 86/BRZ have the potential to become a "Touge Machine" like the Honda S2000? We explore the potential of this popular car. Even that Honda tuner, Spoon has a 86 in their stable!
1. Amuse 86
2. Type One 86
4. Pleasure BRZ

$3.99 $19.95
Hot Version 115 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version 115 with English Subtitles

Hot Version 115 is another action packed DVD. After visiting the Toyota 86 launch event where Manabu "Max" Orido and Nobuteru Taniguchi take the cars for a drift run, Tsuchiya takes it out to Tsukuba for a time attack. He also tests the Nissan GT-R Track Pack while he is at the legendary track.
Hot Version has followed Tsuchiya and his build of his N2 Hachiroku and in this DVD we bring you the final AE86 N2 Battle. But before that, we check up on Tec Art and Tsuchiya's 86 before the day of the race.
On race day, all of the top Hachi racers from around Japan gather at Tsukuba circuit to race with the Drift King.
In this edition of the Touge Showdown, we bring you the FF Class with Honda's going up again European sport compact FF rockets! The usual suspects of Spoon, Seeker and others battle it out with Mini Garden.
Do you like girls that can drift? We do! But in this segment of The Drift Muscle, Keiichi Tsuchiya teaches the girl drifters from the Drift Muscle Championships how to grip drive. He teaches them that in order to drift faster, you must learn how to grip too.

$3.99 $19.95
Hot Version 114 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version 114 with English Subtitles

Hot Version fans we're proud to bring you Volume 114.
We kick things off by kicking the tires on Tsuchiya's reborn Hachi Roku. Tec-Art spent countless hours building a new engine and installing a fresh suspension. Will the Drift King's 86 have what it takes to regain the Touge Monster crown?

Since we're already at the Touge we get Lexus, Subaru and Nissan to bring their best works machines. Can a "tuned" car from an OEM compete at Gunsai?

Later on we join Keiichi Tsuchiya and Spoon founder Ichishima-san at a festival dedicated to the Honda NSX.
HV shows you the best cars at the festival and also wheel to wheel racing.

To wrap things up we take you to the season finale of the Drift Muscle series. Drivers from D1 have decided to crash the party and try and upset the reigning points leaders. Will they succeed?

$3.99 $19.95
Hot Version 113 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version 113 with English Subtitles

Do you want some GT-R action? We've got it! HV goes to Germany, Tsukuba and Fuji Speedway to bring you the hottest GT-Rs and a behind the scenes look at Nissan tuning the GT-R at the world famous Nurburgring.
HV then goes to Tsukuba to battle some GT-Rs...with 800 or more horsepower! The best JDM GT-R tuners bring out their big guns for this 5 lap battle.
But wait, there's more. How about a GT-R owners festival at Fuji Speedway.
After all that GT-R madness we join Keiichi Tsuchiya (aka The Drift King) and Daijiro Inada for another round of Drift Muscle. Oh yeah, with a a GT-R. If that weren't enough you can join the HV crew for a media endurance race at Tsukuba in a Mazda Roadster.
Plus Hot Version news with the DKs Hachi Roku and so much more!

$3.99 $19.95
Hot Version 112 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version 112 with English Subtitles

Hot Version continues with a feature on the rotary engine and the Mazda RX7 and RX8.
Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido go to a rotary festival at Tsukuba. They bring you the latest in tuned rotaries and then battle them on-track to see which is faster, the RX7 or RX8.

Afterwards we go back to the Gunsai Touge to check out three cars that may take on the Touge Monster in the future. Can the NSX, 370z, or 180sx be competitive?

Drift Muscle round 3 from Nikko introduces an AE86 class. Who will lead the championship after round 3? Check out the contestants from the Ladies Class and Muscle Class.

Somewhere in between all this action we get to sit down with Keiichi Tsuchiya and Tetsuya Tada who is the chief engineer behind the GT86. Then we head back to Tec Art to get updates on the Drift King's Hachi Roku. What are they working on now? Will we get some secrets on how to build an 86?

$3.99 $19.95
Hot Version 111 with English Subtitles

Hot Version International - GTChannel CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK

Rental period
72 hours

Hot Version 111 with English Subtitles

Hot Version is back!!! The whole crew is here. Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, and Nobuteru Taniguchi. Drivers and cars gather at the Gunsai Touge to crown the Touge Monster. C-Ser, MCR, ARVOU and others will challenge the RE AMEMIYA RX7 FD3S. Who will be the new Touge Monster?

We then join Keiichi Tsuchiya as he introduces the Drift Muscle drifting series. For years drift cars have been getting faster and more powerful. Less driver skill was involved in who won. Drift Muscle changes that equation. Less power, street legal cars, all driver skill. No other competition has D1 drivers racing at the same event as first time amateurs.

$3.99 $19.95