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Mike Russell
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Adobe Audition Tutorial $24.99
Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial $2.99
How To Get Back Missing Adobe Audition Multitrack Pan Knobs $2.99
Easy Stereo Effect for Voice Overs $2.99
Winding Echo Up and Down with the Cutting Power Effect $2.99
How to Place a Marker When Recording in Adobe Audition $2.99
What's She Going To Look Like With a Chimney on Her Effect $2.99
Christmas Voice Over Effects $2.99
Give Me 1 Minute - And I'll Give You An Audio Editing Secret $2.99
How to Make Voice Tags for DJs $2.99
Adobe Audition Noise Reduction Demo $2.99
How To Make Your Voice Sound Stronger $2.99
Adobe Audition Vocal Remove - Great for Creating Karaoke Tracks $2.99
Best Effects for Radio Idents in Adobe Audition $2.99
Power Intros - How to Merge Vocals with Beats $2.99
Adobe Audition Metronome Tutorial (How to Change the Tempo) $2.99
Adobe Audition Loops (How To Create A Non-Stop Music Bed) $2.99
T-Pain Effect in Adobe Audition - Autotune Tutorial $2.99
Panned Stereo Stutter Effect $2.99
Jingle Bells Autotune Effect $2.99
Acapellas for DJs - Beat Mix Echo and Stutter Effect $2.99
How to Censor a Swear Word in Adobe Audition (Using Tones) $2.99
Rewind Sound Effect in Adobe Audition $2.99
How to Make Your Voice Sound Epic in a Radio Sweeper or Promo $2.99
Beat Matching - How to Change and Match BPM - Adobe Audition $2.99
Warrior Voice Effect (like Spartan) $2.99
Pitch Shift Stutter for Voice Overs $2.99
How to Time Stretch a Radio Commercial to an Exact Time $2.99
How To Make Your Voice Deeper $2.99
Vinyl Scratch Sound Effect on DJ Drops $2.99
Radio Imaging Voice Over Settings (Secret Sauce) $2.99
My Echo Preset Settings in Adobe Audition $2.99
The Lazy Podcaster's Way to Create Quick Podcast Intros $2.99
Scary Halloween Effects for the Voice $2.99
How to Find the BPM of a Song in Adobe Audition $2.99
How To Get The Volume Control Back in Adobe Audition (HUD) $2.99
How To Make Your Voice Sound Better $2.99
Reverse Reverb - How To Make The Reverse Reverb Effect $2.99
Chipmunk Voice Changer in the Multitrack of Adobe Audition $2.99
Whistle While You Work (Whistle Baby, Whistle Baby!) $2.99
How To Brighten Up Vocals On A Voicemail Message $2.99
What is Reverb and How to Add Reverb to Voice Overs $2.99
Vintage Effect For Voice Over (Black & White Film Old Vinyl) $2.99
Underwater Effect for Voice and Underwater Sound Effect $2.99
Tinny Voice Effect - Adobe Audition CS6 Drop Off Below 250Hz $2.99
Sliding Pitch Shift Effect from High Pitch to a Low Pitch $2.99
Scratch Sound Effecet (Like a DJ) on Surface Control App $2.99
Recording Any Place For Any Time in Adobe Audition $2.99
Portal Voice Over (like an Android Voice or Text-to-Speech) $2.99
Sliding EQ Change Over Time (Like Gangnam Style Intro) $2.99
Sidechain Compression Duck Music w Voice Over (Sidechaining) $2.99
Hypnosis Voice Techniques and Hypnotic Sound Effects (3D) $2.99
Game Show Voice Over - Sound Like TV Voice Overs $2.99
How to Remove Background Noise in Adobe Audition $2.99
Mastering Voice Over & Jingle Demos For The Internet $2.99
How To Fix Distorted Audio In Adobe Audition (Clipped Audio) $2.99
How to Compress Audio File Size and Quality (wav to mp3) $2.99
How I Make Radio Sweepers, DJ Drops and Podcast IDs $2.99
Echo Fading Away Effect for Voice Overs $2.99
Clean and Isolate Noises With a Paintbrush in Adobe Audition $2.99
CD Ripping in Adobe Audtion CS6 (Rip A CD) $2.99
Adobe Audition Mixer (Multitrack View) $2.99
Adobe Audition with an iPad Control Surface $2.99
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