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One Blue World is a diving site built for divers by divers. We strive to build a global online community of valuable information that every diver would want. Our goal is to chart every dive site that any diver would be interested in diving. One Blue World is striving to rate and categorize every dive site. We encourage users to add new dive sites, review the current dives sites that are online, and upload pictures and videos.

We offer a social network for divers; so that you can talk with, ask recommendations, share stories, tips, and experiences with other users. If youre a dive retail shop we also have a place for you, so that active scuba divers from anywhere in the world can connect with you. There is also a place where you can take a look at up and coming gear, and see what users are saying about it.

One Blue World is also trying to educate you about different kinds of marine life. We want to show you how to identify, recognize, and potentially find them in the wild so that you can experience them for yourself. In this constantly changing world we live in we want to make you aware of different issues and valuable knowledge about our oceans. We also want to make users aware of different threats, and how you can help with those issues.

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