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We believe that just like Jesus, the local church should be irresistible. People should want to wake up on Sunday morning and go to church. Our desire is to be people’s number one option on Sunday morning, first because of what we do and ultimately because of what we believe. 88% of people in Clarksville/Ft. Campbell don’t go to church anywhere... that's over 125,000 people. We wanted to create a church for people who are unchurched those who have never been to church and the dechurched those who have been to church and who have had a negative experience. So when we started oneChurch, our goal was to create a safe place where people realize that church can be fun, they don’t have to pretend to be perfect, and that they can actually have a relationship with God that’s characterized by intimacy.

We want to create a church that unchurched people like to attend. We create irresistible environments that allow the unchurched (those who have never been to church before) and the dechurched (those who have been to church and decided not to go back) to take a second look at Christ and His church. Our Sunday morning environments are casual, engaging, fun, and user-friendly, and we allow people a safe place to ask questions and investigate Jesus and His Word.

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