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One Forest Films is a video production company founded over four years ago by Vermont natives. Today they are based in Manhattan. One Forest Films specializes in the many aspects of production while maintaining an artistic flare. One Forest Films uses state of the art equipment; shooting with high definition video and film and editing in house with Final Cut Studio. Their goal is to educate, entertain, and create didactic work.

One Forest Films is more than just a group of highly trained professional filmmakers. They are a tightly knit group of friends who have grown to become more of a tribe than they are a company. Capable of pulling from over twenty independent sub’s all with a profound understanding for the craft of acting and precise execution of filmmaking, One Forest is a powerhouse of talent capable of completing anything they set out to accomplish.

One Forest Films leads by example with self-respect and dignity as they work to stand strong for what they believe in. An environmentally conscious company, One Forest reduces consumption by conserving everything from light and energy to fuel and waste. Never having unnecessary trash, their sets are charmed with a grass roots style of reusable coffee mugs and water canteens. They look forward to helping you develop your dream into a reality.

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