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More Than 20 Years Experience
onepalmMEDIA produces high quality digital media for the surfing industry.

Founded in 2008 by Director / Producer Talon Clemow, onepalmMEDIA quickly gained a reputation for offering a fresh perspective and attention to detail in all aspects of production.

Credited with producing approx. 20 surf movies, numerous television shows and countless marketing videos, Talon has distinguished himself as one of Australia’s premiere producers for surf related content.

From a young age Talon excelled in video production. Picking up an award for best feature camera work in 1998 @ the MEAA Awards in NSW, he went on to learn his craft at various television stations and production companies in Australia around the world. Talon moved to Europe in 1999 to further his ambitions of becoming a surf film maker and worked for the BBC in London; learning from some of the best producers in the world. Along the way Talon also spent time working in the music industry as a roadie for David Bowie, Robbie Williams, The Spice Girls and others as well as working freelance for CNN & CNBC Europe. Talon eventually found himself working for one of the world’s largest producers of sporting media, Transworld International & IMG Media where he traveled trans-continental collecting footage for various productions.

In 2005 Talon was offered the position of Audio Visual Manager in the powerhouse Billabong Marketing Department and a move back to his home town of the Gold Coast, Australia was imminent.

With 3.5 years spent working for Billabong, Talon honed his skills in image gathering and post production as well as managerial aspects of the business such as budgeting, resource management, marketing and various other areas before being struck by the GFC in 2008. From every dark tunnel shines a light of hope and Talon swiftly moved to establish onepalmMEDIA as the future for his production career.

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