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Don Capria wears his work ethic on his neck. 110%. Known as a creative mind and hard worker with a passion for music and film, he has built a reputation as a drummer, manager, director in the New York City Hardcore music scene.
Don has been a writer his entire life, winning awards as early on as elementary school and continuing to build his craft through the, "Gifted and Talented" program in the Westchester County School system. He grew as a live performer starting with the Junior High School Jazz band, as a freshman in high school was the lead jazz drummer, competing all over the east coast. He toured as a drummer with various musical acts, writing songs and building stories with his life’s experiences.
He began shooting music videos in 2001 for local musical artists. His debut video for the Italian Rap Quartet Confidential feat. G Fella.(Blackground/Virgin). In early 2008 Don began shooting the pilot for his self scripted autobiographical TV series ‘Westchester’. In 2009 he worked on a a short film, Buckout Road, based on the real urban legend in Harrison, his home town. He currently lives in New York City and works as a free lance writer and director. He has completed a biography on reputed 1960's mob boss Joe Colombo slated for release on Wiley Books in 2013, and is now producing a docu-series with Atlas Media.

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