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Onirim is an independent production company for the creative industries.

We represent a select choice of directors, more of which can be read on their individual biographies.

We produce commercials, print campaigns and multiple elements of brand content depending on the needs of each project.

We have a dedicated team of producers and post-producers to service all commercial film and photo shoot requirements from beginning to end. Services cover all areas, budgeting, planning, creative direction, shooting in France and overseas.

Post-production needs from these projects can all be met in-house including editing, color grading, 3D, special effects and retouching. We also handle post-production for commercials, TV shows and TV series.

The sound studio services voice over recordings, and there we work to produce original soundtracks and sound effects.

Diane Edelmann
Geoffroy Guillaumaud
Remi Pietka
Yann Rimbaux

Pierre Beucher

Finance & Legal:
Matthieu Monet

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