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Introducing Ookii, the latest entertainment property brought to you by the creators of the award-winning Lazoo book and app series. Together, with BabyFirst TV, Ookii will introduce your little ones to a whole new world—Ookii’s World—of cartoons, apps, books and more.

Ookii’s World for BabyFirst TV follows the adventures of Ookii, a delightfully playful (and very curious) dinosaur who sees the world in his own unique and creative way. Ookii’s world is an imaginative and safe environment for creation and discovery; a world filled with out-of-the-box thinking that will enrich young minds.

Ookii’s World Educational Objectives:

• Encourage the natural curiosity that all children possess by "opening the door" to innovative ideas and solutions.
• Increase child's basic knowledge by presenting interesting day-to-day phenomena.
• Help foster creative thinking and creative problem solving skills.

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