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From the inception as a creative studio almost 30 years ago, the Out of Our Minds approach has always been to blend art and imagination with design to make believers.

Artists of the classic tradition don't have to follow computer generated rules. So we can believe what we want.

So we believe that you can win over 150 film festivals with 3 little shorts. We believe that an independent animated feature can be produced in two and a half years with a staff of less than 20.

We believe that emotional and visual impact tell a more important story. We believe that colorful is more fun than "real". And we believe that eye candy is tasty, but also that less is more... more or less.

We believe that work is something you do to enhance the lives of your clients, in which case it really isn't work, it's a pleasure.

Maybe this is all in our minds... in which case we'd like to welcome you inside. Let's MAKE believe.

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