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The creative need of Alessandro Grisendi and Marco Noviello (il_Bramante), takes shape in the atists' collective OOOPStudio.

OOOPStudio takes his first steps in Reggio Emilia (Italy) in 2010 and arises definitely in 2011 as an artistic project based essentially on the use of video technology.
OOOPStudio's research moves in on two frontlines: an artistic research -to find new aesthetic forms- and a technical research open to different tools to exploit the full potential of digital media.

OOOPStudio's aim is not the recording of reality, is not documenting the world: it wants rather to investigate all the expressive wherewithal of technology to create involving atmospheres.
OOOPStudio does not use established artistic strategies. His challenge is to invent new ones.
It often mixes traditional artistic languages such as painting, photography, sculpture and architecture. Its works use the proper language of cinema, of shooting and projection, of sound and its synchronization with video in an original way.
OOOPStudio is not limited by the use of digital technologies as a mere medium. Accurate production's techniques are used to achieve a certain aesthetics, to facilitate the human eye interpreting the stirrings to which it is subjected.
Its videos, characterized by a false realism, produce an effect of alienation - positive or negative depending on the case -, which often opens up the possibility of a world's new perspective.
A permanent feature in OOOPStudio's work is the focus on installation and setup, on the site specificity and on the relationship with the context in which it is exhibited.

Their ability to intervene in evident and in perception is reflected in the questioning of the viewer's position, put always at the core, emotionally and experientially.
They are not only interactive installations, that involve a participant aspect, but also emotional inputs, raising serious issues about many different topics.

OOOPStudio has collaborated with different artistic realities, working on many projects for theater, music, for exhibitions, festivals and performances. It has continuously worked on creating a graphic expression in its video.
It has managed to create a world de-realized, delivered to appearance, but appearance is not recognized as a place opposed to reality, but that is reality.
The images have achieved autonomy and they exist: they are reality.
The eye is then removed from the usual representations, from the mass society's bulimic desire to see.


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