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Open Ocean Media is specialized in organization of windsurfing events, 100% wave ('Wave Classic Invitational') and 100% freestyle oriented ('European Funboard Expression'). OOm is also in charge of the whole communication of these contests.
'Wave Classic Invitational' is about radical windsurfing contests launched on worldclass spots worldwide...
Aim is to show top international sailors in action in the most extreme surfsailing conditions, in order to catch the best radical footage and share it worldwide, to show the hardcore side of this beautiful sport!
You will find on this channel our selection of the best videoclips we have produced on each stages of 'Wave Classic' contests.

'European Funboard Expression' introduces the European Freestyle Championship stage that takes place in Six Fours les Plages, South France, every year since 2009. It started hosting the EFPkT (Freestyle finals for kids) and since 2012 welcome a stage of the EFPT (over 20). 100% freestyle oriented, the event gathers on 5 days some of the best european freestylers. From hardcore action in strong winds to Tow In sessions, there's always good action on the EFE ! On this channel you will find the podcasts and final videos of the events.


  1. Sophia Regerbis
  2. Zane Schweitzer