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We are a film and photography duo that began working together on the shores of Hawaii in September 2011. The beauty and diversity of Hawaii inspired us to combine our talents and set sail across the equator to the South Pacific in search of more visuals and a more profound understanding of the Polynesian culture and spirit. Our artistic collaboration has since developed into creating new photography portfolios by documenting our sailing travels throughout the Pacific Ocean. The ocean and its islands have left a deep impact on us and inspired us to expand our travels into a world circumnavigation, filming and documenting the entire experience.

As young artists, we are pushing ourselves to capture the world and to make strong visual work that inspires and builds cross continental cultural ties and encourages education. Together, we hope our ability to respectfully and earnestly depict the diversity of the world will shed light and give a better understanding of the lives of those who populate it. Our aim is to share the splendor of the world's magnificence, and by doing so, inspire others to work towards humanistic endeavors that preserve and maintain the worlds natural beauty. The spirit of our work is to show the drama of the world, its landscapes, and its people.


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