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Eugene "Pebbles" Akiwumi established, Ophini is a broad themed, idea-driven independent production company creating dynamic platform-neutral content formats and developing compelling feature projects.

Ophini's portfolio of innovative, thought-provoking productions include the much discussed safe-sex campaign for World Aids Day, as well as branding overhauls for record companies, internet firms and industrial conglomerates, among others.

As a partner in Mobiz, Stockholm, Eugene Akiwumi has been responsible for the development of new media content, convergent mobile telephony and television platform delivery.

In addition to its focus on boundary-extending broadcast concepts, Ophini is involved in the incubation of radical software applications that expand and enhance cross-platform content consumption.

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  1. Eugene Akiwumi commented on LA TEQUILA
    Awesome restaurant. Great food and fantastic owners. Shot a sequence for a food show I directed a few years ago.