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My new Vimeo is over @ vimeo.com/zackwolk - I wish I could integrate the two, but I cannot. So I will make the best of this situation by utilizing this one for all the future poetry and that other one for all non-poetry video posting necessities :)

oh yeah... I totally fucking love you too!

Howdy you all. Welcome to Zachary Wolk's old Vimeo... a place where you can experience the gradual deconstruction of a human being 2nd hand. I have unique ways of understanding life and I hope to share them with you.

Jesus is a huge influence to me, as is Gandhi.

I'm an agnostic with my morals being heavily influenced by Jainism - though I still eat Carrots and Potatos.

I write a ton of poetry, and I look forward to sharing it.

To Gandhi life was about experimentation, his biography is titled "the story of my Experiments with truth" - I really dig that... I am a huge marijuana fan and have indulged in great quantities in the past and right now I'm experimenting with sobreity, it's working out well :)


My life is about gaining and maintaining perspective, which is not about keeping to myself but sharing... after all, we should "be the change we wish to see in the world"


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