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  1. Rebecca, I changed my URL in Advanced, Custom URL in both my profile and video pages. But when I go to my video, the URL is still under vimeo.com/#####. (numbers.) What can I do now? Link: https://vimeo.com/68060152
  2. When I typed "iceveiltales" the numbers changed to "iceveiltales/iceveiltales." That's not right. Can you check it out, please? Thank you for all your help, Rebecca. Link: vimeo.com/68060152
  3. Thank you again. It's all working fine. One more thing. Can I change the URL of my VIMEO video to reflect the title of my video? Otherwise, I'm constantly looking it up. I know you can do that for your profile. Is it changeable for the video as…
  4. Thank you for checking it out. How does one "fully buffer?"
  5. Hi, -Here's my link. https://vimeo.com/68060152 -My professional editor downloaded this 28 minute video twice. -The first upload had constant glitches--it stopped and started. -Then he uploaded with a "Lower bit rate." -When I turned on my computer,…