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Oranje bus represents an idea familiar to those who love,live and express themselves through music.
It expresses the need for unification of the old spirit of hippism and the new,electronic sounds in music.Oranje bus desires to achieve this unification of music through various aspects of life:Traveling,experiencing new things,sharing and expressing via arts.All those,given alongside the sounds of unique events.
The idea was conceived by dj Aleole - djaleole.com - and became a reality thanks to the support of many people who trusted in that dream,as it also expresses their own needs,with leading one their love for music.

Filmmaker Aris Filmaris is the creative producer & director of Oranje bus. He enjoys shooting and editing videos [promos/after movies] with his unique style influenced by the Underground.
In his spare time he accompanies Aleole on routes as Oranje bus co-pilot.

Current Location : Worldwide spirits
General manager: Alexandros Papadopoulos
Email : oranjebusparties@gmail.com
Website: oranjebus.com


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