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Dear friends,

I'm 30 french composer.
Author, Musician, Arranger, Interpreter, I have a huge passion for film's music.

Developing a style which intersect my various musical influences, I compose and produce original musics sometimes in collaboration with professional musicians (Rock, Classic, Electro, etc.) which are ultimately recorded and mixed in the studio Orchestone (Netlabel and Recording Studio, Mixing and Mastering) based in Lyon, France.

From the age of eight, I've sharpened my sense of rhythm by practicing the battery. Very quickly, I've completed my musical skills by practicing piano, I spent my time to reproduce music I had heard on television and radio. Then melodies and atmospheres invaded me and I've discovered the composition. After a stint at the conservatory, I've continued my musical training self-taught.

Recently, through my computer and my keyboard, I realize original musics for some movie directors and companies from the Rhône-Alpes region in France (Shorts, Teasers, air movies, etc.).

My album "À Portée de Vous" is a compilation of suitable orchestral music for film.
I am currently doing a Pop Rock album.


good listening