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Orchestra Elastique is a London-based music improvisation collective. Formed during a residency at the Shunt Vaults, London, in April 2010, Orchestra Elastique comprises a group of performers and multi-instrumentalists which can vary in number depending on the venue and performance in question. Within its one-year existence the Orchestra has already played some major venues in London and across Europe.

The on-going motif of this encounter is to face music as a playground. Hailing from countries such as France, Portugal, Holland, England and Mexico, Orchestra Elastique fill this playground with instruments such as accordion, trumpet, harmonium, piano, harp, theremin, drums, cello, violin, percussion and voices. The result of these improvisations is a form of music that takes influences from Minimalist Music, Free Jazz, Middle Eastern, Krautrock, and various folkloric traditions with often psychedelic results.

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