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  1. 99frames 2k15

    by David Drayton joined

    63 Videos / 622 Members

    The 99frames project is designed to encourage people to experiment with CINEMA 4D and it’s outstanding features. No matter which skill level you have. It simply doesn’t matter. It’s…

  2. Eyeon Fusion

    by arek stefaniak joined

    421 Videos / 304 Members

  3. Inspiring by Jacob Resch, Jannis & Fatlum

    by Jacob Resch joined

    8,516 Videos / 1,758 Members

    Post your Inspiring Animations, Demo Reels and more here :)

  4. Fracture

    by Fxpoet joined

    124 Videos / 54 Members

  5. illusion of houdini

    by pulppix joined

    4,540 Videos / 565 Members


  6. vfxRef

    by MotionCook joined

    261 Videos / 91 Members

  7. Master of Rigging

    by gerardo castellanos joined

    1,117 Videos / 717 Members

    group of CG rigger and TD. http://vimeo.com/channels/56662

  8. AniRef

    by Daniel Asher Harman joined

    618 Videos / 3,214 Members

    This is a place where you can find and post live action reference footage for animation.

  9. The Cinema 4D Channel

    by Michael Szabo joined

    6,013 Videos / 2,999 Members

    Upload anything Cinema 4D related: tutorials, examples, inspirations, etc. Feel free to show off your stuff, maybe tell how you did a particular something.

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