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  1. European Drone Film Festival

    European Drone Film Festival Gourin, Morbihan, France, Europe


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    www.ed2f.eu *Le formulaire d'inscription en Français *The registration form in English *Españoles en el formulario de inscripción www.ed2f.eu

  2. Vincent CAPES

    Vincent CAPES Plus Neverland


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    Based on his experience in different genres as well as fiction, experimental, documentary and animation, Vincent Capes builds links between movies and all artistic mediums since 12 years. He learned the strength of the fragment from Pascal Quignard, hermetic awareness in Alejandro Jodorowsky's movies,…

  3. loeilceleste
  4. M. Beckmann

    M. Beckmann Italy


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    “the volume settings folder” is italian guitarist M. Beckmann’s latest project, consisting in ambient, drone, post-rock music with a bit of field recordings and Noise.

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