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  1. Road Trip Video and Film

    by Chris Pinnock joined

    161 Videos 161 Members

    Videos of Road Trips. Get in your car and film the experience. Rules: 1. Mount a camera in your car, tram or other road vehicle. 2. Start the camera and drive 3. The camera and filming should…

  2. Organic gardening

    by ChangetheWorldU joined

    18 Videos 51 Members

    All gardeners welcome

  3. Very Short Documentaries Film Festival

    by Very Short Documentaries joined

    86 Videos 1,005 Members

    This is a competition/library/festival/blog for very short documentaries between 1 and 150 seconds in length. We are open to Very Short Documentaries of all colours and creeds but will be paying…

  4. Chicago Filmmakers

    by Petter Wahlback joined

    2,032 Videos 418 Members

    A place for filmmakers in the Chicago land area. It is intended for all aspects of film making: producers, directors, editors, composers, foley artists, sound engineers, gaffers, grips, actors, and…

  5. Active Lifestyle

    by OrganicNation joined

    133 Videos 50 Members

    This group serves to collect cool, unique or funny videos about living an active and healthy lifestyle. That includes free run/parkour, sports, running, nature and travel videos.

  6. Agribussines

    by Ramiro San Juan joined

    19 Videos 8 Members

    Framsphere Support Group!!

  7. Eco-Worriers

    by Daf Palfrey joined

    375 Videos 174 Members

  8. Sustainable Food Group

    by OrganicNation joined

    1,244 Videos 782 Members

    This group is for videos about sustainable food and agriculture. We welcome people interested in organic farming, organic food, fashion and beauty products, sustainable farming, community gardens,…

  9. Future Collective

    by Walker joined

    39 Videos 127 Members

    The future is your canvas, paint us a picture. To add content to the group please join. This group will have content based on our vision of the future, as well as the visions of those that…

  10. Save our Environment

    by Dot Eco joined

    2,525 Videos 1,180 Members

    The initiative has the official support of leading scientists, ecological and philanthropic groups, as well as high- profile environmentally conscious individuals. Our goal is to use the .eco…

  11. Food and Restaurants

    by WorcesterScene.com joined

    2,427 Videos 892 Members

    Anyone that enjoys eating food, or eating food in a great atmosphere. This group is not dedicated to the preparation and cooking of food. Just eating and enjoying!

  12. The Food Group

    by Maarten Toner joined

    3,292 Videos 1,453 Members

    Food videos, showing how to prepare food or food info. What is health food, why do we need good food and how to prepare it in a tasty way.

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