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Origin is a new model for small retail dedicated to nutrition and social inclusion. We link small grocery shops to the private and public sectors and help them sell healthier, more affordable food in the slums.

Small grocery stores are a vital source of food in low-income urban communities. They are convenient, offer credit and sell in small, affordable quantities. In the developing world, these stores make up the vast majority of the retail sector. Unfortunately, the poor often pay a premium for food and cannot access basic services. By empowering small retailers with low-cost technology, we combine their buying power and connect them to a more efficient and ethical supply chain. Origin also leverages the power of the private and public sectors to improve the nutrition and financial inclusion of the urban poor. Through our small retail ecosystem, we help socially responsible companies to gain access to market and boost sales of nutritious products in the slums. Together we can create a world where small retail makes a big impact on global food security.

Team ESADE, Hult Prize 2013 Finalists: Cesar Del Valle, Greg Perowne, James Doherty, Jon Myer and Monica Noda