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  1. 09:06


    by Michael Ori

    3 Videos

    TECT Power and Aerospace facility tours.

  2. 56:43


    by Michael Ori

    15 Videos

  3. 14:25

    Intermountain Electronics

    by Michael Ori

    4 Videos

    Intermountain Electronics has become a world renowned manufacture of electrical equipment for the energy sector. IE's meteoric rise in a very competitive field can only be attributed to the hard…

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  5. 08:15

    Art Meets Fashion

    by Michael Ori

    8 Videos

    AMF connects local art and local fashion with local causes. A multi-city event, AMF features runway shows in venues that support the local artistic community. AMF also showcases food selections from…

  6. 01:07:02

    Canon 1DC

    by Michael Ori

    27 Videos

  7. 11:24

    Ori Media - NAB 2014

    by Michael Ori

    6 Videos

    Ori Media was selected to be a part of Canon Collaborations and the team was invited to NAB to present the Canon 1DC. This are the videos shot and edited each day by our own Joey Jonaitis.

  8. 18:39

    P3 Utah

    by Michael Ori

    6 Videos

  9. 04:53


    by Michael Ori

    2 Videos

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