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  1. cinema 4d

    by Lukas Chen subscribed to

    55 Videos / 33 Followers

  2. STASH

    by STASH subscribed to

    16 Videos / 246 Followers

    A sampling of the many videos featured in STASH - The world's largest online archive of animation and VFX. STASH is the essential creative resource for ad agencies, broadcasters, animation…

  3. AXYZ design on VIMEO

    by axyzdesign subscribed to

    31 Videos / 44 Followers

    Here you will find a selection of Video Tutorials and some of our clients best works. Share tips and solutions with fellow AXYZ product users from all around the world! Your are invited to submit…

  4. Cinema 4D Medical/Science

    by MAXON C4D subscribed to

    7 Videos / 56 Followers

    This channel features powerful examples of how Cinema 4D has enabled artists to create stunning science and medical animations.

  5. Motion Graphics - High Quality

    by Whiteline Studio subscribed to

    137 Videos / 106 Followers

    Motion Graphic - Visual Effects - Stop Motion - Computer Graphics - Breakdowns - Animation - hand-crafted FX - Slow Motion - Timelapse

  6. Cinema 4D Tutorials

    by MAXON C4D subscribed to

    227 Videos / 337 Followers

    This channel features a collection of tutorials demonstrating how to use Cinema 4D's tools to achieve impressive results.

  7. Cinema 4D Inspiration

    by MAXON C4D subscribed to

    623 Videos / 410 Followers

    This channel features a collection of some of the most inspiring content created using Cinema 4D.

  8. Kinetic Typography Channel

    by marcoPapale.com subscribed to

    293 Videos / 8,075 Followers

    This Channel is dedicated to Motion/Kinetic Typography. Sumbit your work to have a chance to be featured here, send your Vimeo URL to KineticTypographyChannel@gmail.com Every single video will…

  9. Explainimate

    by Explainimate subscribed to

    24 Videos / 18 Followers

    http://Explainimate.com is a product of http://CaptainMotion.tv. We create short animations that explain your Service, Product or App in an awesome and easy-to-share way!

  10. Flock of Pixels

    by Flock of Pixels subscribed to

    34 Videos / 45 Followers

    Flock of Pixels is an Emmy Award Winning Motion Design and Animation Studio in Phoenix, AZ info@flockofpixels.com

  11. The White House

    by The White House subscribed to

    930 Videos / 5,285 Followers

    This is the official White House channel on Vimeo.  Comments posted on and messages received through official White House pages are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived. …

  12. Sheridan Animation

    by Katarina Antonic subscribed to

    203 Videos / 485 Followers

    A Collective of Student films from Sheridan College, from 24-hour to final thesis films.

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