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Poetic Narratives, Ducu-films.

Distinctive Videograhy from the different dance companies I work with all in high quality 1080p HD. Also will have short films on human consciousness and awakening the inner self; dealing with habits, life, distractions, finding truth, and messages for all people. I find the whole light-worker starseed crystal child animal astral guide and while they're at it Pleiadian spirit light healer new age wave w a y way way played out and misdirected and can lead people into a lot of confusion although peoples intentions can be good.

Canon 60D

To discover the hidden things has always been an overall aim. Through videography I try to find in nature a balance I am in constant search for. Essentially I create shorts that are meant to trigger emotion as a way to release, (open up/decompress) as well as inspire or give an experience.

I try to capture growth. I feel that we are evolving to see deeper into the heart of things, awareness of our surroundings in the deepest ways. (knowledge of self) This is the essence of what I look for in film making.

Driving Force:
Love, I love to hear peoples stories and to see men and women progress towards equality. Above of all I am trying to rediscover what sacredness is left in this life. I have many things that I know I will be working on and hope to be helping people with, but I have never felt at home here due to the chaos and conflicting emotions everywhere that drain the life out of all things. I am just here to assist with a transition. There is more to life than just things, there is a message to be read in the way our world is changing. We must rediscover the driving force that unites us, the work that needs to be done, the inner work, but most apparent - the outer. (the physical world/how we conduct ourselves) For the longer we put off the inner work will it show externally, in our environment, our actions, our feelings. We must drastically change the way of our thinking. We need to 'see' new things in the media, institutions, in films, in education, new ways of life, that are to help us be able to grow. We need to make this our vision and work toward changing the way we act, and learn to be the masters of our emotion. In this way much of this can be accomplished. But first we must emerge.. and discover our true self, our true nature, and face all inner pain and struggle so that we no longer hide behind walls of fear.

To bring one closer

Real art, in words, in music, whether paint or video/photography are really showing the layers of who we are. We are showing the many layers of our past and who we are today, the layers of our soul.

Terrence Malick ~ *Ashes and Snow* ~ Ayurveda and the Art of Being ~ Cave of the Yellow Dog ~ Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers and Tides and other films with little or no dialogue; Baraka (1992) ~ Electroma (2007) ~ Samsara (2001) ~ The Story of the Weeping Camel


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The Spirit Teachings:,_Spirituality_and_Meditation

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... War is not the answer to our problems, truth is ...

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