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Ms. Orsi Kozma was born on 2nd October 1976 in Budapest. She was part of the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian Radio Corporation from her childhood. After high school she attended the Studio of Musicals of Maria Toldy for 2 years. Her affinity to pop music was first demonstrated in the bands Szüzriadó and Kimnowak. She was a constant vocalist member of the underground group Tereskova. She contributed with vocals to numerous performers’albums and concerts (Zsuzsa Koncz, Charlie, Tátrai Band, László Tolcsvay, etc.) and also tried her talent in theatrical roles. (The Jungle Book, Somewhere in Europe, etc.) This was followed by an enormous pop music success with Jazz + Az production with two albums. As a next step she became the diva of the Cotton Club Singers, this time singing jazz. Since the beginning of 2007 she has been prioritizing her own plans and has published a solo album titled ’The True Role’ („Az igazi szerep”), available here: magneoton.hu/Termek/Az_igazi_szerep .In 2008 Orsi turned her view on jazz with her own quartet. She reckons: "Since I've chosen my own way two years ago and I've made my second pop CD, surprisingly the people still attached me with jazz and I've received many invitations to do jazz concerts. So the Kozma Orsi Quartet just got together itself, and being the part of it it is a kind of joy music indeed. And I had an opportunity from my label to do a jazz album and I couldn't refuse this offer. And for me it is a real challenge, with touch of nostalgia and happiness."

But now Orsi is in studio with the great songwriter, producer Krisztian Szakos recording her 3. solo pop album.Coming soon!

Orsi Kozma Band:

Orsi Kozma-vocals
Krisztian Szakos-guitar, keyboards,vocal
Tamas Benedek-drums

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