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Hello, I am Orlando S. Gondar

I am a NYC native, Writer, fine artist and filmmaker. I received my BFA for film and media @ Pratt Institute with a minor in art history. I mostly enjoy shooting if im involved in a production, otherwise ill be hidden away painting something somewhere. Be sure to check out my website, OSGFilms.com

goo.gl/ANxxNF |
Review by the Huffington Post for #whilewewatch. (I was Director of Photography)

goo.gl/5Z2q9G |
Review of my Panasonic GH2 Guide book by cinescopophilia.com

osgfilms.com/gh3-guide |
My GH3 Guide book

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  1. Just try sanity 5.1 hack. I think it's one of the best hack and file size is pretty light
  2. That might have been a fluorescent lights phasing with the shutter frame rate..
  3. Was this resolved in the latest firmware updates ?