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It is in 1992 in Marseille when "Osmoze" becomes its blaze of writer and when this name will become its logo (an “O” which forms a pink rabbit head) and its artist's pseudo.

After studies in Graphic Arts, Osmoze enters a studio of animation specialized in pre-production. After some years, he joins a Web TV in 2000, where he directed his first Web series and discovered the Flash animation.

After a while, he begins to work for Parisian studios on the Character design, on the artistic direction and on the direction for several trailers and projects. Creating ceaselessly personal projects in 2D and 3D, he works then on his own concept of 3D series with Action Synthèse (Magic Roundabout) and where he will be in charge of the literary, graphic part and directing.

Trying to perfect his style in animation he continues to make some design for others medias like Web, print, textile, painting, custom, ect …

In 2006, he will be selected to the "Festival of the Humor of Paris" for his short animated movie, The STREET, and the site to will be referenced on many specialized sites.

His collaborations go then from Marseille to Paris (Brocéliande, Cyber Group, DC artists project, Shot the Boss), via Berlin (Pictoplasma, MTV uk), Switzerland (ABK), Montreal ( SkuadStudios, Nù films,…), San Francisco ( Zoolook) and to Singapore (Design Warriors Art Project).

In 2008, He flies away to Montreal from Marseille, avoiding the French Capital, and settles down there. He is now developing new original cartoon series, does some Motion Designs, helps and directs on some commercials, music videos and video games trailers for well known local artists. Now in North America, He is developing his thirst for creativity and art.

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