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Writer / Pamphleteer / Avant-gardist typographer

Paul is a design writer living in Paris. Having begun his journey in London and then moving to Brussels. In March 2009 Paul began working under the new pseudo Out-Of-Phrase, appropriate for his practice which has moved more and more towards typography. He fuses commercial and avant-garde ideas. His portfolio shows a series of investigations unpicking the rituals of spoken language. He tweets as @OutUrbanArtsBoy.

Working to commission and open submission work appears in magazines: HESA Inprint (Helsinki), Critical Writing Collective (Sheffield), Stimulus Respond (Goldsmiths, London), Nozine (London) and Assembly Projects (London).

Curators and editors-in-chief publishing the work have noted it for possessing an 'originality of idea', 'fresh perspective' and 'acid-spirit' in equal measure. He is a former graphic designer and as a designer educator specialises in typographic history and contemporary practice.

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