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Outside Royalty's bizarre journey began in Cincinnati Ohio, the hometown of singer and guitarist Adam Billing. The next step was another of the great industrial river towns of the USA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where Brandon Paluzzi (drums), Eizan Miyamoto (synth) and Rachel Wu (violin) got onboard. Finally, the band headed to London, England, where they joined ranks with Frederique Legrand (cello) and Scott Milner (bass).

Once fully formed in their new cosmopolitan home in the UK, they went about the task of writing new songs and shaping their signature Americana-spiked new-wave power-folk sound - marked by addictive melodies carried on waves of guitar, synth, strings and Mellotron.

As the plot thickened, initial demo recordings quickly landed them on the airwaves of Radio 1 and 6 Music, on tour with the Young Knives, and playing an intimate acoustic gig with Babyshambles for, of all things, Kate Moss's birthday party at North London boozer, the Boogaloo. While steadily building a strong and loyal underground following, things began to accelerate when legendary Pink Floyd manager, Peter Jenner, took notice, and began working with the band along with partner Toby Holdsworth - an effort that has culminated in the imminent UK release of the band's debut full-length, All Nights Out.

Recorded by the band in basement studios, kitchens, and bedrooms across London with the assistance of producer and guest musician Rick Nelson (Polyphonic Spree), All Nights Out represents a DIY effort of grand proportions. The 10 song release takes listeners on a road trip across the American Midwest, through the melancholy of modern urban life, on a detour through memories come unstuck in time, back to childhood and in and out of love in under 37 minutes.

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