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Brian Fu, also known as The Godfather of Hong Kong's fixed gear scene, was the pioneering fixed gear rider & cycling activist in Hong Kong. Throughout the years he has helped countless people coming into fixed gear community and finding his/her ideal bike. He had formed a crew by the name Flwrider, bringing cycling awareness to a whole new level and made it a force to be reckoned with.

When Brian is not cycling, he is thinking about film making. Which lead him to New York's Bicycle Film Festival, cycling and film, his two life long passions in one place. After overcoming a lot of obstacles, Brian single-handedly brought the Bicycle Film Festival to Hong Kong in Jan/2013.

Apart from his overwhelming interest in all things related to cycling, Brian has also been a custom bike aficionado for years. He is committed to bringing custom frame building to discerning cyclists over on this side of the globe.

Brian's list of custom bikes: Indy Fab Singlespeed MTB (Reynold 853) / Indy Fab Track (Reynold 853) / Circle A Cycle Track (Columbus PegoRichie) / Tonic Fab Supernaut Track (Ture Temper) / Courage Bicycles Cyclocross (Columbus SPIRIT) / Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. Road (Columbus SPIRIT) / Firefly Road (Columbus XCR) / Argonaut Custom Carbon Road / English Cycles Road (Columbus steel x ENVE carbon) and more in the works.............

Brian is also a Retül Certified bike fitter .

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