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  1. Rafael Gallegos

    Rafael Gallegos New York, NY


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    Rafael Gallegos directs opera, theatre, and film/video. Opera and music theatre work includes Matt Marks’ The Little Death: Vol. 1 (Incubator Arts Project/Ontological Theatre) and The Adventures of Albert Fish (Galapagos), Igor Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat with The Deviant Septet,…

  2. Beth Morrison Projects

    Beth Morrison Projects Plus


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    Beth Morrison Projects identifies and supports the work of emerging and established composers and their multi-media collaborators through commission, development, production, and touring of their works, which take the form of opera, musical theater, chamber music, song-cycle, dance, theatre, film, mixed…

  3. James Daniel

    James Daniel PRO Brooklyn, New York


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    Photographer DP Video Editor Actor NYC area

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