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  1. jordi teixidó

    jordi teixidó


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    Barcelona, 1961

  2. miki arregui

    miki arregui Plus


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    |||| arregar@gmail.com |||| http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikiarregui/sets/ ---------------------- miki arregui és grafista, animador i vj entre altres coses... Treballa com a freelance i ha participat o és particep de diversos grups i/o col·lectius com Videocratz (vj),…

  3. Alex Posada

    Alex Posada Spain


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    Digital creator, researcher in the field of interactive and new media as well as producer and music creator. He works as a coordinator and project manager within the Hangar interaction laboratory in Barcelona. At the same time developing independent projects such as multimedia producer and works in several…

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