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Occidental College's Media Arts & Culture Program (MAC) combines critical studies, digital production, screenwriting, documentary studies, study abroad opportunities, and industry internships. Graduates are not only technically savvy, but also critically and socially engaged—understanding that media production and consumption are not simply matters of entertainment and box office but also constitute powerful social and ideological realms both locally and globally.

MAC is pioneering in its curricular partnerships with Art History and Studio Arts. These three distinct, but resonant programs are partners within a larger Art History and Visual Arts Department, linking the still comparatively young histories of film, electronic, and digital media to the aesthetic, historical, and cultural traditions of other global visual practices (painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and the like).

MAC is distinctive for the liberal arts college experience it affords in Los Angeles, permitting students to approach media studies and production from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Students and faculty are proud of the diverse range of fictional, documentary, and experimental/new media work that is both theorized and created within our program.

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