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New media artist, Ozan Turkkan worked many years in the field of multimedia and digital art in different countries in Europe, Istanbul and the U.S. Before the very first steps in digital media, he studied and practiced different art disciplines in Istanbul, Philadelphia, Salamanca, Florence and Barcelona. He received his Masters in Multimedia at BAU (Escola Superior de Disseny) in Barcelona, where he lived and worked many years as a new media artist.

Currently lives in Brussels, Belgium and works both in Brussels and Istanbul.

His work is centered on experimental media and digital arts with a focus on generative computer art, fractals and algorithmic art, sometimes relating each other, sometimes merging into one. He uses technology as a canvas to create innovative and engaging digital art installations to observe forms of interaction, social exchange, participation and transformation. He likes to share the control and the authority with the visitor, leaving in his hands to build his own experiences, building a structure that anyone else or any elements can destroy in a moment or create just once.

He likes to combine different media elements in a creative process. His artworks serve as a ground for him , to question our conditioned behavior to view everything in a linear and clear-cut perspective and to reflect impermanent nature of existence, human and social behavior. Mutation from one form into another as an universal being, both material and consciousness.  

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